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Erotica,Eros,:ADULT VHS/DVD

Contract for torment VHS, master Ian Moors and greta carlson
Contract for torment VHS
master Ian Moors and greta carlson
30.00 USD

Testing video no sound starring Peter North and Randy West
35.00 USD

Behind the mask:adult Japanese VHS in Nihongo(Japanese)
Behind the mask:adult Japanese VHS in Nihongo(Japanese)
3.00 USD

The Sensualist (A.K.A. The Life of an Amorous Man)VHS, Ihara Saikaku
The Sensualist (A.K.A. The Life of an Amorous Man)VHS
Ihara Saikaku
50.00 USD

A Hundred percent VHS (Nihongo)
A Hundred percent VHS (Nihongo)
3.00 USD

Southern Comfort, Sean Findley
Southern Comfort
Sean Findley
250.00 USD

Wax: Discovery of Television Among the Bees [VHS]-Huh?!, David Blair
Wax: Discovery of Television Among the Bees [VHS]-Huh?!
David Blair
3.00 USD

Smilingroove,VHS,adult VHS ,Nihongo, Hirayama Asaka
Smilingroove,VHS,adult VHS ,Nihongo
Hirayama Asaka
3.00 USD


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A Hundred percent VHS (Nihongo)
1 A Hundred percent VHS (Nihongo)
Pack in video 1990 4988110009778 vhs looks and plays well Clamshell has minor edge wear 
video comics presents this stiff extremely boring video that may or may not have had nudity, I really don't remember,What I do recall was the presence of what appeared to be bacon or Veneer linoleum fragments in their hair. 
Price: 3.00 USD
Behind the mask:adult Japanese VHS in Nihongo(Japanese)
2 Behind the mask:adult Japanese VHS in Nihongo(Japanese)
beam Entertainment 1997 4947127190589 vhs in very good x-rental Clamshell holding on doing its thing, arwork fading 
3 girls tell their lusty stories 
Price: 3.00 USD
Big Morkul:VHS  from Japan.ADult material.
3 Big Morkul:VHS from Japan.ADult material.
74988215106204 VHS in great x-rental clamshaell showing wear,slighgt damage bottom right side edge,till over all looks great 
Great look into the vanishing Japanese "soapland"Fun to watch. 
Price: 30.00 USD
4 Star Trek Collector's Edition: The Squire of Gothos / Patterns of Force VHS Tape 1991
Paramount tape looks and plays well a smudge or two but still in great shape 
VHS Tape Publisher: Paramount (1991) ASIN: B003IPB5OY Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces 1.in the "Squire of Gothos",Liberace fights loneliness- in the far reaches of the universe until his floating parents put him to.........well you wil see. 
Price: 2.49 USD
Talia Monet Broken Bip VHS
5 Talia Monet Broken Bip VHS
B&D pleasures 780739182931 VHS in excellent box showing wear, held together with tape,covered with reduced price stickers 60 min. 
Adults only I found this tape to be disturbing... 
Price: 45.00 USD
6 Testing video no sound starring Peter North and Randy West
ccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on a blank VHS with no writing no artwork generic 
I canrecognize both Jerry West and Peter North,recording their down-times as well 
Price: 35.00 USD
Transformers The Movie 1987 Animated VHS Video Tape EX 1999 ver w clamshell Rhino
7 Transformers The Movie 1987 Animated VHS Video Tape EX 1999 ver w clamshell Rhino
1566055555 / 9781566055550 awesome minor aging still awesome 
In the year 2005, the Autobots and the Decepticons are still locked in battle, but a deadly new force enters the fray--a giant killer planet known as Unicron. The heroic Autobots must fight for their own survival and to save their home planet from destruction. A classic of 1980s animation, based on the popular TV series. 
Price: 3.00 USD
The X-files. / Pilot ; Deep throat, Chris carter
8 Chris carter The X-files. / Pilot ; Deep throat
0793989361 / 9780793989362 
FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work to uncover the truth behind unsolved cases that defy normal investigation - cases the government has buried or ignored, labeling them "X-files." 
Price: 5.00 USD
Wax: Discovery of Television Among the Bees [VHS]-Huh?!, David Blair
9 David Blair Wax: Discovery of Television Among the Bees [VHS]-Huh?!
1995 vhs plays well generic vhs 85 min. 
watched several times,What the fuck!!!???!!Father Bessarion (Actor), William S. Burroughs (Actor) Rated: NR Format: VHS Tape 
Price: 3.00 USD
Smilingroove,VHS,adult VHS ,Nihongo, Hirayama Asaka
10 Hirayama Asaka Smilingroove,VHS,adult VHS ,Nihongo
4935483129916 VHS in VG+ Clamshell showing age yet intact 
Japanese sex video done during censorship era 
Price: 3.00 USD
The Sensualist (A.K.A. The Life of an Amorous Man)VHS, Ihara Saikaku
11 Ihara Saikaku The Sensualist (A.K.A. The Life of an Amorous Man)VHS
toho video 1990 T4988104207944 VHS looks plays well,w/stickers once rental Clamshell,clear,plastic protective cover cracking,box strong 
Japanese Name: 好色一代男 (Kōshoku Ichidai Otoko) Media Type: Movie Length: 55 min. Vintage: 1990 Genres: Erotic, art house, historical, literature An old, poorly subtitled PAL VHS release from Western Connection in the UK is all there is. A fan restoration fansub, sourced from the Japanese VHS, is also out there. Pile of Shame The Sensualist by Justin Sevakis, Dec 10th 2013 The Sensualist (A.K.A. The Life of an Amorous Man) I first saw The Sensualist as a fuzzy VHS tape when I was a teenager. While it's ostensibly an adult work, it never seemed lurid or arousing to me. Rather, it held this strange transcendent beauty. It felt like a piece of another person's life, so foreign and far removed from modern life and yet resonant. What haunted me is not the sexual imagery, but rather a quote, which book-ends the film: "As the years advance, my hearing declines. My legs are not what they used to be. I can't stop getting uglier, and the women I loved are getting gray hair and wrinkles. All of this irritates me constantly. If I go on living in this world, I don't think things will get any better." Artistic erotica doesn't come along very often, especially in a populist medium like anime. Here is an hourlong film that serves as a poetic tale of sex and a life lived in pursuit of it, and is basically drenched in visually appealing sex scenes, and yet offers no titillation. A lot of people don't know how to parse something like that. Its nearest anime cousin is the absurd and horrifying Kanashimi no Belladonna, but its treatment of sex, and of life in general, is gentle and luxurious. The original book, Kōshoku Ichidai Otoko (The Life of an Amorous Man), was published in 1682 by Ihara Saikaku, originally intended as something of a lurid piece of pulp. It documented the life of Yonosuke, a true sex addict, at a time in the Edo Period where pretty much nothing was off-limits and there were more brothels than a modern city has Starbucks. From the age of 7 until 61, Yonosuke managed to bed 3740 women and 725 men. At various points in his life this addiction caused him misfortune, at one point being disowned by his father, but by middle age he had settled in as a respectable merchant. The novel is quite long, and the film only needle-drops a few important parts: his overall life history is told in narration, but the real meat of the film picks up with Yonosuke, already middle-aged, being approached by his friend Juzo, a young and not particularly bright guy who has drunkenly placed an irresponsible bet: he is to meet the famed tayuu Komurasaki (a tayuu is the absolute highest class of geisha, a cultured and impressive woman once reserved only for the aristocracy) and sleep with her at their first meeting. If he succeeds, he wins some posh real estate, but if he loses, he is to be castrated. Yonosuke instantly feels for the guy (and hates whoever it was that placed such an evil bet with an idiot), so he takes it upon himself to help the low-class Juzo meet Komurasaki. But it's anyone's guess as to whether she'll agree to sleep with such a classless slob. There's not much to the story, and much of the film's running time is spent in deep observation of Komurasaki and her chambermaids, who are refined to the point where even walking down the hallway is a slow, choreographed dance that, by modern standards, seems both relaxing and maddening. Layers of ornate fabric float lushly through the screen. Sexual pleasure is symbolized visually, with imagery ranging from lotuses to flames. It occasionally flirts with cheesiness but never succumbs. Director Yukio Abe is better known as an art director, contributing backgrounds to everything from NieA_7 to Sea Prince and the Fire Child. Here, he takes inspiration directly from ukiyo-e and other surviving art from the era, breathing life into the world of the most luxurious geisha imaginable. The ending of the film is the ending of the life story, with Yonosuke embarking on a great voyage. On its own, divorced from most of the book's characterization, it doesn't mean much, although this ending is quite famous (and is paid homage to in Pom Poko, of all films). And if the film has any great failing, it's this lack of context. We observe the film's great beauty but never really connect to the characters. The 80s synth-drenched ending sequence (complete with flying buddhist art in space) also looks pretty ridiculous and makes no sense. The Sensualist was shown in a few film festivals worldwide (most recently at a Big Apple Anime Fest), but home video releases have been limited to VHS in both Japan and in the UK, the latter having a subtitled release from foreign film publisher Western Connection. (That company was not known for its attention to detail, and indeed, their version is worse than most fansubs of the era.) Former Central Park Media head-honcho John O'Donnell was a big fan of the film, but when he tried to license it a few years later he was rebuffed: the two producers had had a falling out, and both refused to do anything that would enrich the other in any way. And so the film has languished, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In the mean time a fan restoration has surfaced, although with only a VHS tape as its source material, it's still pretty blurry. The Sensualist is worth seeking out. It's completely unique among anime history, and its depictions of the opulence of the Edo period is unforgettable. While the overall strength of the writing seems to have lost something in its screen adaptation, there are moments of great poetry and poignance that bleed through. One hopes that someday, this film will be saved from its legal purgatory and given a new life in the digital age, but until then... 
Price: 50.00 USD
The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak [VHS], Just Jaeckin
12 Just Jaeckin The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak [VHS]
1984 02848515071 plays good,a little jumpuy at first case showing age,clamshell,fading,a bit dsoiled around edges 88 min. 
Tawny Kitaen (Actor), Brent Huff (Actor), & 1 more Rated: R Format: VHS Tape,Product Details Actors: Tawny Kitaen, Brent Huff, Zabou Breitman, Bernadette Lafont, Jean Rougerie Directors: Just Jaeckin Writers: Just Jaeckin, Jean-Luc Voulfow, John Willie Producers: Jean-Claude Fleury, Serge Laski Format: NTSC Language: English, French Rated: R Restricted Number of tapes: 1 Studio: Warner Home Video Run Time: 87 minutesBy Zorikh Lequidre on April 27, 2001 Format: VHS Tape Despite what Leonalrd Maltin says, this film, though a French production, is based on a comic strip created in America by an English-Australian, John Coutts (aka John Willie), which first appeared in his amusingly erotic fetish publication "Bizarre" in the late '40's-early'50's. The title was "The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline" and has recently been released in a deluxe hardcover collection. The original story involved the heroine constantly getting captured by the villains trying to prevent a horse from being run in a race to save the family farm, and a mysterious bob-cut agent keeps on helping her out. The whole point of the comic and its sequels appears to be showing impossibly sexy women in bondage and sexy clothing. This film keeps the names of some of the characters, borrows some concepts from "Bizarre," and does put the heroine in perilous predicaments, but basically goes its own way in theme and story. In the film, our 1930's heroine, along with her faithful French maid (who wears the bob-cut), are seeking a rare butterfly that her late entymologist father disappeared trying to find. Their adventures take them to a steamy, slimy, decadent Asian port city where they meet a tough, world weary, cynical mercenary who rescues them from an unscrupulous gangster. They travel through jungles and deserts meeting cannibals, river pirates, and other dangers, until they find a hidden civilization of women. To say what happens next would give away too much and besides, the shock of the bizzarre is half the fun of the movie. Suffice it to say that there is much nudity and various forms of imprisonment, bondage, restraint, and gladiatorial combat (even a human-powered chariot race). It is all very French it its creation of scenes, locations, and cultures.Read more 1 Comment 92 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 starsa hoot By A Customer on February 10, 2001 Format: VHS Tape Verified Purchase About 20 years ago my friend and i went to see this, we had no idea what to expect. It was rated R. But judging from the audience of 10 people, no one had noticed. A family of 4 with 2 young kids and a old couple are what I remember. Well, the film was not for them and they were awfully quiet, but we were laughing ourselves silly since it's such a goof. I think that it would help to get lit before watching it. I just bought it and await my trip down memory lane. By K. L. Cornwall on June 9, 2005 Format: VHS Tape I found out today that the strange, but compelling movie that my mother rented for me one day when I was 12 and home from school ill, was in fact this one. She rented it thinking it would be similar to the "Indiana Jones" movies. It wasn't quite like those at all. I remember lots of scantily clad people romping around and the heroine searching for a strange butterfly. I know it would be easy to dismiss this movie as a kind of exercise in just getting lots of scantily clad people on screen, but I have to say that I've seen many many movies in the 18 years since I saw Gwendoline, but I still remember it. Which means it must be good. More interestingly, I also found out today that TAWNY KITAEN was the heroine. Maybe that explains my previously inexplicable obsession with forming a band and getting successful JUST so that I could pay Tawny Kitaen to roll around on MY sports car. By A Customer on March 19, 2001 Format: VHS Tape I find this movie to be hilarious. It is truly BAD, but it's so much fun to watch. It's like a bad romance novel made into a BAD romance/comedy/action flick with a little zest thrown in from Tawny Kitaen. Most guys tend to like the eye-candy. Most women like the bad romance novel aspect. It's great for those who like BAD movies. ENJOY. Comment 17 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse 5.0 out of 5 starsLes Aventures de Gwendoline By T. A. Bruce on January 5, 2005 Format: VHS Tape Now,I saw this film in 1984 while I was living in Tahiti,as a horny 19 year old (I was sent there to learn French,but thats a whole other story!).What a hoot!,I never had such a good time watching such a bad movie!,though I must say the credit roll and accompanying music track were a beauty to behold,and so was Tawmy but most of all Brent Huff,what a babe!.The film had the kind of soft porn flavour as the classic Barbarella but more so ...thouroughly enjoyable!,bout-a-bout as the French say.I hold until it comes out on DVD.. 
Price: 3.00 USD
Contract for torment VHS, master Ian Moors and greta carlson
13 master Ian Moors and greta carlson Contract for torment VHS
Bon-Vue Ent. 1994 cassette VHS in very good clamshell case is covered with stickers,it's clear plastic is becomming britle, still solid 
Greta is acuused of stealing money and it is up to Ian Moors who is ordered to extract the cash from her!! 
Price: 30.00 USD
Wide open spaces on VHS a vivid film.., Randy West,Tony Byron..
14 Randy West,Tony Byron.. Wide open spaces on VHS a vivid film..
Recorded onto a generic yet marked up VHS Generic as well Lacy Rose,Tiffany Minx,Toni Chase 
hours and hours of intimate giving of the bone!!!!!!There doesn't seem to be any plot,now 2 girls are doing it in a lounge chair 
Price: 1.00 USD
Southern Comfort, Sean Findley
15 Sean Findley Southern Comfort
Plain VHS Generic box no artork 
I looked everywhee and I canot find any more info on ths film. Here is ha I have. 1.It is directed,Produced and written by Sean Findley. 2.it is 33 min.long 3.stars,Abby Ball and Marc (with a C) Bossley. 4.Locations,Lke the PCH,Gladstones,Sunset Blvd.(did you have any permits Sean? 5.A Grifter and a local Hipster hook up but one has a secret. 6.Fun but very obscure. 
Price: 250.00 USD
the contrary soap Haven VHS,NIhongo Dake, Shigeo Katsuyama
16 Shigeo Katsuyama the contrary soap Haven VHS,NIhongo Dake
Babylon Japan VHS palys well clamshell,fading,has stickers,,still holding strong 
So fucking boring,roles reverse as a very unanimaetd young lady finds herslf in soapland-YAWN 
Price: 1.00 USD

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