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The Swords of Night and Day: A Novel of Druss the Legend and Skilgannon the Damned (Drenai Saga: The Damned), David Gemmell
The Swords of Night and Day: A Novel of Druss the Legend and Skilgannon the Damned (Drenai Saga: The Damned)
David Gemmell
3.00 USD

In the Realm of the Wolf (Drenai Tales, Book 5), Gemmell,David
In the Realm of the Wolf (Drenai Tales, Book 5)
3.00 USD

4 by David Gemmel
4 by David Gemmel
3.00 USD

Gloriana : or The unfulfill'd queen : being a romance, Michael Moorcock
Gloriana : or The unfulfill'd queen : being a romance
Michael Moorcock
12.00 USD

Supernatural stories vol.No.1-4 1954-55
A.J.Merak,Lionel Fanthorpe,Randal ConwayMore
150.00 USD

Hope of Earth (Geodyssey), Piers Anthony
Hope of Earth (Geodyssey)
Piers Anthony
3.00 USD

Wizard at Large (Magic Kingdom of Landover, Book 3), Terry Brooks
Wizard at Large (Magic Kingdom of Landover, Book 3)
Terry Brooks
3.00 USD

Tehanu (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 4), Ursula K.Leguin
Tehanu (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 4)
Ursula K.Leguin
20.00 USD


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4 by David Gemmel
1 4 by David Gemmel
Del Rey/Ballantine 2003 0345458370 / 9780345458377 excellent 
1.Dark Moon:The peaceful Eldarin were the last of three ancient races. The mystical Oltor, healers and poets, had fallen before the dread power of the cruel and sadistic Daroth. Yet in one awesome night the invincible Daroth had vanished from the face of the earth. Gone were their cities, their armies, their terror. The Great Northern Desert was their only legacy. Not a trace remained for a thousand years... The War of the Pearl had raged for seven years and the armies of the four Duchies were exhausted and weary of bloodshed. But the foremost of the Dukes, Sirano of Romark, possessed the Eldarin Pearl and was determined to unravel its secrets. Then, on one unforgetable day, a dark moon rose above the Great Northern Desert, and a black tidal wave swept across the land. In moments the desert had vanished beneath lush fields and forests and a great city could be seen glittering in the morning sunlight. From this city re-emerged the blood-hungry Daroth, powerful and immortal, immune to spear and sword. They had 
Price: 3.00 USD
The Last Battle:part 7 in the Narnia series-signed by C.S.Lewis
2 The Last Battle:part 7 in the Narnia series-signed by C.S.Lewis
Harpercollins 1994 HB excellent excellent 
Beautiful Tome in excellent shpe signed by the Master himself. 
Price: 1200.00 USD
3 A.J.Merak,Lionel Fanthorpe,Randal ConwayMore Supernatural stories vol.No.1-4 1954-55
Gillinghan,Kent A.J Tull and sons 1954-55 NS!! editors edition excellent slight smudging to outer label inside awesome,pages lite tanning,still suple 
Very cool,inhouse vol.of These 4 british supernatural pulps or journals.Lots to read inside stamp read H.C.Worden??? 
Price: 150.00 USD
The Crystal gryphon:Daw #75, Andre Norton
4 Andre Norton The Crystal gryphon:Daw #75
daw 75 
Softcover, ISBN 0879974281 Publisher: Daw Books, 1973 Witch World #8! Oct. 1973 First Printing, Daw Books No. 75 features cover art by Jack Gaughan. Cover has shelf wear, creases to front at top corner and spine, back, spine crease.lite tanning around inside border of front and back cover inside bright slightly O/w pages. All text is clean. 192 pages. 
Price: 3.00 USD
the Ozine Conquest, C.M.Gilbert
5 C.M.Gilbert the Ozine Conquest
Leisure books 1981 mild edge wear,tigh book ,binding fine,slightly O/W pages 
Used - Very Good. B0010PG75Q . SLIGHTLY O/W PAGES.Epic story of Ozine;s one handed hero!! 
Price: 10.00 USD
The Swords of Night and Day: A Novel of Druss the Legend and Skilgannon the Damned (Drenai Saga: The Damned), David Gemmell
6 David Gemmell The Swords of Night and Day: A Novel of Druss the Legend and Skilgannon the Damned (Drenai Saga: The Damned)
Del Rey/Ballantine 2005 0345458346 / 9780345458346 excellent 
About the book: With mythic sweep and epic scope, David Gemmells bestselling novels of magic and adventure feature brooding heroes who fight to preserve all that is good and honorable in themselves and in the worlds through which they stride like lonely giants. In times of terror and despair, theirs are the swords that carve a shining path, inspiring others to follow. Even after their deaths, their names live on. . . . A thousand years after they fell in battle, two heroesDruss and Skilgannonare revered throughout the war-torn lands of the Drenai. Yet men and women live in abject fear of the Joinings, abominable meldings of man and beast, and of their mistress, the dark sorceress known as the Eternal. None can stave off these ruthless foes. But what if the soul of one such hero could be called back from the void, his bones housed again in flesh? An ancient prophecy foretold that Skilgannon would return in his peoples darkest hour. To most, this is a foolish hope. But not so to Landis Kan. For years, as the power of the Eternal grew, Kan searched for the tomb of Skilgannon the Damned. And at last, he found it, gathering up the bones and performing the mystic ritual. 
Price: 3.00 USD
The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Dick calkins
7 Dick calkins The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
1969 first Book is VG, a little dusty, mild shelf wear.Front hinge starting, sewing tight. In Good dj with corners and tip wear.; includes dustjacket DJ protected in mylar PhilNowlan 
Hardcover Publisher: Bonanza, NY, 1969 Used - Very Good. Bonanza edition bound in yellow cloth. Reprints the original newspaper comic strips including the Sunday color pages.Folio size,370 + Pages.(COMICS ART) 
Price: 35.00 USD
Life The Universe and Everything-signed by Douglas Adams, Douglas Adams
8 Douglas Adams Life The Universe and Everything-signed by Douglas Adams
Harmony books 1982 0517548747 / 9780517548745 first excellent excellent 
Hardcover, ISBN 0517548747 Publisher: Harmony Books, 1982 New York: Harmony Books, 1982. Book. Fine. Hardcover. Signed by Author(s). 1st. Fine in fine dust jacket with light rubbing. Cosmic conclusion to the Hitchiker's Trilogy. Signed by the Author.. First edition. Signed. 
Price: 350.00 USD
Frank Kelly Freas:a seperate star-signed by Mr.Freas himself, Frank Kelly Freas
9 Frank Kelly Freas Frank Kelly Freas:a seperate star-signed by Mr.Freas himself
Greenswamp publications august,1994 first excelent-tight clean why Kelly Freas of course 
every picture saturated with Mr.Freas' amazing descriptions of how he accomplished these amazing way before computer graphics. 
Price: 150.00 USD
Flashman And The Mountain Of Light (Flashman Papers), Fraser, George MacDonald
10 Fraser, George MacDonald Flashman And The Mountain Of Light (Flashman Papers)
Knopf 1990 0679400710 / 9780679400714 Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and has one library stamp on the title page on the inside. cover in protective sleeve 
Hardcover, ISBN 0679400710 Publisher: Knopf, 1991 Knopf. Used - Good. Ships from Reno, NV. 
Price: 3.00 USD
Winter Warriors (Drenai Tales, Book 8), Gemmell, David
11 Gemmell, David Winter Warriors (Drenai Tales, Book 8)
Del Rey 2000 0345432304 / 9780345432308 excellent 
About the book: Winged demons gather, silent and unseen, above the city of Usa, their talons long and sharp. Their purpose is clear, as is the prophesy: Upon the deaths of the three kings, the demon riders of the Krayakin will become flesh, free to slake their thirst with human blood - and the stench of evil will cover the land. Two of the kings are already dead. For the prophesy to be fulfilled, spreading carnage across the world, the Demon Lord must sacrifice the third king: Queen Axiana's unborn child. When Emperor Skanda disbands his army, the pregnant queen takes flight, pursued by the Lords of the Undead. All hope lies with three ancient heroes, though discarded by the emperor, they are still Drenai soldiers: Bison the giant, Kebra the bowman, and the great swordsman Nogusta - the Demon Lord's greatest foe. But will these warriors - once the best in the land - be enough to stem the tide of gruesome horror that threatens to envelop the world? 
Price: 3.00 USD
In the Realm of the Wolf (Drenai Tales, Book 5), Gemmell,David
12 Gemmell,David In the Realm of the Wolf (Drenai Tales, Book 5)
DEl Rey/Ballantine June,1996 0345407989 / 9780345407986 excellrnt 
Waylander the slayer,now hunted...... 
Price: 3.00 USD
Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life-signed by author, Harryhausen, Ray; Dalton, Tony
13 Harryhausen, Ray; Dalton, Tony Ray Harryhausen: An Animated Life-signed by author
Billboard book 0823084027 / 9780823084029 excellent excellent 
Ray Harryhausen is arguably the greatest stop-motion animator in the history of motion pictures, blazing new trails in special effects from the 1950s to the 1980s creating realistic dinosaurs, fantastic aliens, and imaginative mythological creatures. In the animator's own words, accompanied by hundreds of previously unpublished photographs, sketches, and storyboards from his personal archive, this book details Harryhausen's entire film career, from 20 Million Miles to Earth and Earth vs. The Flying Saucers to Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts. In words and images, this book explains the basics of special effects and stop-motion animation, along the way telling entertaining tales of working with the film stars of the day, such as Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, and Lionel Jeffries. Film buffs will relish such revelations as how Raquel Welch was picked up by a flying dinosaur in One Million Years B.C., why the octopus in Mysterious Island was really only a sixtopus, and what Medusa's blood was made from in Clash of the Titans. 
Price: 200.00 USD
1979 Trade Paperback. Very Good Condition. Tight sound copy minor rubs to edges and corners of covers. 
via United States Softcover, ISBN 0894710907 Publisher: Philadelphia: Running Press, [c1979], 1979 Illustrated.. Used - Very Good. ISBN 0894710907. No statement of later printing on copyright page. Illustrated. 
Price: 5.00 USD
Brak he Barbarian-1968, John Jakes
15 John Jakes Brak he Barbarian-1968
very good++ w/lite edge wear.Bindinsmart tight,,looks unread or carefully read,inside pages,mildly O/W 
Softcover Publisher: Avon Books, New York, 1968 Used - Very Good. Avon S363. First Edition. Mass market paperback; light wear - overall a very good copy (SCIENCE FICTION, FANTASY) 
Price: 3.00 USD
Gloriana : or The unfulfill'd queen : being a romance, Michael Moorcock
16 Michael Moorcock Gloriana : or The unfulfill'd queen : being a romance
Avon 1979 0380429861 / 9780380429868 first Avon softcover excellent a tiny corner ding Elizbeth Malczynski 
A fable satirizing Spenser's "The Fairie Queen" and reflecting the real life of Elizabeth I, tells of a woman who ascends to the throne upon the death of her debauched and corrupted father, King Hern. Gloriana's reign brings the Empire of Albion into a Golden Age, but her oppressive responsibilities choke her, prohibiting any form of sexual satisfaction, no matter what fetish she tries. Her problem is in fact symbolic of the hypocrisy of her entire court. While her life is meant to mirror that of her nation - an image of purity, virtue, enlightenment and prosperity - the truth is that her peaceful empire is kept secure by her wicked chancellor Monfallcon and his corrupt network of spies and murderers, the most sinister of whom is Captain Quire, who is commissioned to seduce Gloriana and thus bring down Albion and the entire empire. 
Price: 12.00 USD
Art by Olivia:12
17 Olivia Art by Olivia:12" tall sexy cardboard statuette
1994 Like new 
very cool standing art piece by Olivia,always hot she knows wha fanboys like. 
Price: 25.00 USD
18 Olivia Berardinis 8" tall cardboard stand-up signed by Olivia
in excellent olivia de Berardinis 
cardboard-stands up, signed-awesome 
Price: 25.00 USD
Hope of Earth (Geodyssey), Piers Anthony
19 Piers Anthony Hope of Earth (Geodyssey)
TOR 1997 0312863403 / 9780312863401 first excellent excellent 
Hope of Earth" is the third volume in Anthony's sweeping and exciting Geodyssey series, a powerful and passionate epic of human history in the tradition of Jean Auel and James Michener. In a stirring, captivating saga that ranges from our ancient beginnings in Africa's Great Rift Valley to the windswept Andes a century from now, "Hope of Earth" tells the inspiring story of a group of heroic men and women, bound by ties of passion, honor, and blood, who struggle to transcend our violent past to make a new and shining future. Through their eyes we meet some of history's most colorful figures - the mysterious "Ice Man" of the Swiss Alps, the decadent King Herod, the British Warrior Queen Boudica, the Mongol Chieftain Tamurlane, and King Louis XIV of France. And we meet again some of the most memorable characters from the two earlier volumes - Blaze and Ember, Hugh and Anne, and their remarkable descendants. But "Hope of Earth" is more than a gripping tale of tragedy and triumph. It is also Piers Anthony's heartfelt plea for us to change our ways - to break the cycle of violence, avarice, and despair that threatens our future, and transform it into a legacy of compassion and hope for our descendants. 
Price: 3.00 USD
20 Pini, Richard; Asprin, Robert Elfquest "The Blood of Ten Chiefs"-Brand New-signed by Robert Asprin -
Tor 1986 0812530411 / 9780812530414 excellent 
Hardcover, ISBN 0812530411 Publisher: Tor Books, 1986 Elfquest "The Blood of Ten Chiefs"-Brand New-signed by Robert Asprin - 
Price: 35.00 USD
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