Star wars #35 thru #38

Star wars #35 thru #38

By: Archie Goodwin

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Book Condition: all VG+ to Fine+ all with sleeve and board

Creators Archie Goodwin editor, writer Bob Wiacek cover, inker Carmine Infantino cover, penciler Gaspar Saladino letterer Gene Day inker Jim Shooter editor John Costanza letterer Mark Gruenwald editor Nel Yomtov colorist Characters Baron Orman Tagge C-3PO Chewbacca Darth Vader Domina Tagge General Dodonna Han Solo Luke Skywalker Major General Ulric Tagge Mulchive Wermis Nightshrike Princess Leia R2-D2 RA-7 Protocol Droid Silas Tagge Teams Galactic Empire Order of the Sacred Circle Rebel Alliance Stormtroopers The Sith Wookiees Locations Great Temple Tatooine Temple of the Sacred Circle Yavin 4 Concepts Bronze Age Hostess Superhero Advertisements The Force Objects House of Tagge Mining Explorer Lightsaber Star Destroyer The Millennium Falcon TIE Advanced x1 TIE Fighter X-Wing Starfighter Story Arcs Galactic Civil War #35 Notes: Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header. Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, "Thor Meets The Ricochet Monster" starring Thor. #36 Red Queen Rising Volume Star Wars Issue Number 36 Cover Date June 1, 1980 #37 Star Wars #37 Star Wars » Star Wars #37 - In Mortal Combat released by Marvel on July 1980. #38 Star Wars #38 Star Wars » Star Wars #38 - Riders In The Void released by Marvel on August 1, 1980.

Title: Star wars #35 thru #38

Author Name: Archie Goodwin

Illustrator: Carmine infantino

Categories: STAR WARS, comic books, Marvel comics, Television, MTI Movie-Tie-In, Science-fiction,

Publisher: Marvel: 1980;May thru Aug.

Book Condition: all VG+ to Fine+ all with sleeve and board

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