The First Men in the Moon (Mass Market Paperback) by H. G. Wells (Author)

The First Men in the Moon (Mass Market Paperback) by H. G. Wells (Author)

By: H.G Wells

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I found this review by ...By,"BernieHALL OF FAMETOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 18, 2014 Everybody knows HG Wells is a popular science-fiction writer. Most people know of him through a few of his stories that have been produced as popular movies such as "The Time Machine", and "The War of the Worlds." However HG Wells was really more of a philosopher and a quasi-scientist than he was a writer. This is one of his lesser known science fiction stories published in 1901. However as with most science fiction the story is only a vehicle to carry HG's philosophy and commentary on his Victorian Society to the reader. The story has many false starts and stops but takes the time to comment on such subjects as can a person actually be satisfied with a one-dimensional job? Knowing that this was pre-Einstein it may be possible to believe in the technology and theories of the time. And then again as with many science-fiction or fantasy stories HG may have just been taking liberalities with realities. One cute touch in this story is that the characters comment on Jules Vern's story of the man in the moon. -------- Bedford bankrupt businessman who is making a comeback by writing a play, through a series of circumstances, teams up with Professor Cavor a recluse scientist who does not realize his own potential. Together they build a contraption, sphere, that can cut off gravity waves. What can they do with such a device? You guessed it! Let's all traveled to the moon. Once on the moon Bedford and Cavor find that they are not alone. After a few adventures they are detained by the Moonies referred to mostly in this story as Selenites. The daring duo is restrained with chains of gold. Cavor looks at this is a reasonable precaution and also looks forward to communicating with the strange creatures. Bedford is more practical and knows what chains mean. This means it's time to escape an escape they do. Will they be able to make it back to Earth and warn the people of the strange creatures? Or will they be caught and who knows what may happen to them in the long run. Keep reading and learn of the society and nature of the Selenites."

Title: The First Men in the Moon (Mass Market Paperback) by H. G. Wells (Author)

Author Name: H.G Wells

Categories: Science-fiction, Ballantine,

Publisher: Ballantine: 1962

ISBN Number: f687

Book Condition: in excellent

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