Fantastic Four #116

Fantastic Four #116

By: Archie Goodwin

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Book Condition: cover loose and almost split,inside, neat,clean,great clasic reader

52-page giant issue. "The Alien, the Ally, and Armageddon!" Part 4 of 4. Script by Archie Goodwin. Pencils by John Buscema. Inks by Joe Sinnott. Cover by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott. The Over-Mind is in supreme control! And with Mr. Fantastic by his side, he's set to conquer the Earth! However, Sue, Ben, and Johnny are not giving up! The Thing and Torch bravely attack the Over-Mind one more time, but are defeated again. When the Invisible Girl sees her friends fall, she knows she must find other super-heroes to help! But the Avengers aren't home, and there's no sign of Spider-Man or Daredevil or Prince Namor or even the Hulk! Is anyone else available? Unfortunately, no super-heroes, but what about a super-villain? And one from Latveria no less? Desperate times call for desperate measures...and in stunning fashion Doctor Doom joins the Fantastic Four to battle the near omnipotent Over-Mind! Can Victor Von Doom and his long-time adversaries turn the tide against the Over-Mind? Or will they need help from a stranger? A bronze age classic! Cameo appearances by Jarvis, Agatha Harkness, Franklin, the Watcher, and the Stranger. (Notes: Doctor Doom appears next in Sub-Mariner 47. The Over-Mind returns years later in Defenders 112 and 113. This issue was reprinted in Marvel ?s Greatest Comics 96. The letters page includes a letter from comics editor and writer Bob Rozakis.) 52 page

Title: Fantastic Four #116

Author Name: Archie Goodwin

Illustrator: John Buscema

Categories: Fantastic Four,

Publisher: marvel: 1971

Book Condition: cover loose and almost split,inside, neat,clean,great clasic reader

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