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Image for When we were young

When we were young

By: A.A.Milne

Price: $0.01

Publisher: E.P.Dutton: 1924

Edition: 237th printing,1946

Seller ID: 222837232

Condition: book hs been through alot,Still tigh 2 pages are misssing,Page 5 and 6 ,and pages 21 and 22, both are torn in half,remove carefully with a razor no one will notice,still lots of wonderful poems

Image for famous fantastic Mysteries  December,1942

famous fantastic Mysteries December,1942

By: Ralph Milne Farney

Price: $1.00

Seller ID: 9898494946

Condition: cover is crumbling ,oncebolsteed by scotch tape even the tape is beginning to crumble,insides, despite edge wear all within is legible and fun to read,deserves one last read