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Image for AVENGERS JLA, #4 OF 4 Paperback – 2003  by KURT BUSIEK (Author)

AVENGERS JLA, #4 OF 4 Paperback – 2003 by KURT BUSIEK (Author)

By: by KURT BUSIEK (Author)

Price: $15.00

Publisher: AVENGERS / JLA #4... (comic)... Featuring an issue of the JLA / AVENGERS comic...Artist(s): George Perez...Writer(s): Kurt Busiek...Front Cover: Perez...Story(s): " ?"...Rated: PG-13+ to Mature Readers... DC / Marvel Comics... 2003...: 2003

Seller ID: 44546576577787877686

ISBN: 761941230382

Condition: excellent comes with sleeve and board

Krona, an exiled Oan villain from another Universe who has gained the powers of entropy, begins destroying entire universes in his obsession to find out how they are created. The Grandmaster, an alien who is obsessed with games, offers to give Krona the knowledge he seeks but only if he can beat him in a game. The game consists of forcing the Avengers and their heroic counterparts, The Justice League of America, from that Universe's Earth to battle each other in a race to find twelve items of incredible power that have been hidden around their worlds. With help from Metron of the other Univers... View more info